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            What are the application fields of EVA double-sided adhesive?


            EVA double-sided adhesive tape is made of EVA material, some are single-sided adhesive tape, some are double-sided adhesive tape, depending on the needs of customers, professional EVA double-sided adhesive tape, EVA single-sided adhesive tape, details can be viewed on our official website, let's first understand the application field of EVA double-sided adhesive tape!

            The application of double-sided adhesive tape produced by EVA

            ① It is suitable for electronics, electrical appliances, shoes, handbags, home decoration and other industries;

            ② It is suitable for children's toys, craft gifts, stationery office, mouse pad, sports equipment, sports protective equipment, diving clothes, surfing clothes, bodybuilding clothes, building materials, decoration, home furnishing, tourism, packaging, heat preservation, antistatic, electrical appliances, toys, electronic products, jewelry, hardware, environmental protection packaging, cosmetics, medicine, sun and moon products, composite, auxiliary packaging materials, metals, etc Many areas.

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