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            What is the density of EVA sheet?


            Recently, I found that many customers are not clear about the density of EVA materials. They often call the 25 degree EVA processing sheet as the 38 degree EVA sheet, which is easy to make mistakes in the price of EVA sheet, because the price of EVA sheet with different density is also different. Let's solve the common density of EVA sheet together!


            Density classification of EVA sheet:

            ① High elastic EVA sheet: between 15 and 25 degrees;

            ② Ordinary EVA sheet: 38 degrees;

            ③ Medium density EVA sheet: 45 ~ 60 degrees;

            ④ High density EVA sheet: 65 ~ 80 degrees;

            [EVA sheet description] if you need to know the exact price of EVA sheet, please send your EVA sample to our company. When we receive the sample, we will give the most accurate price of EVA sheet. If there is no sample, we can contact our business, and the business will send you the sample in time!

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