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            What is eva die-cutting products? What are its main applications?


            In our life, we can often see the articles and crafts made of EVA materials. Next, we will make a brief introduction to the categories and the definition of EVA die-cutting products

            The so-called EVA carving is made of EVA foam material by die cutting. Its technology is simple, its shape is customized according to the requirements of customers, and its development cost is relatively low.


            EVA products that can be die cut are:

            EVA packing box: (also known as box, inner bracket, inner liner, according to the preferences of customers). Because EVA material has the characteristics of anti vibration (high resilience and tension resistance, strong toughness, good shock / buffer performance), many industries use EVA packing box as the internal packaging of products, which can not only effectively protect the products, but also make the products show a different general high-grade Texture. The main application industries are: electronics, toys, red wine, cosmetics, hardware tools, gifts, crafts, ceramics, etc., its surface can carry a variety of texture and color of flannelette.

            EVA products key chain, EVA mirror, EVA foot pad, EVA mask, EVA building block, EVA door card, EVA sun hat, EVA toe divider, EVA photo frame, EVA refrigerator sticker, EVA door hanger, etc. are all made of EVA material by die cutting.

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